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"Clothing had always been a passion for us . We were both from families that could not really afford the finest but somehow we always found a way to look our best....Debbie was raised in London and worked for a fashion company. Jaime had a knack for sewing and would make something out of almost anything . We both have two boys and would never listen when people would say you cannot dress boys as cute as girls."....Those guys never met our boys.... They stopped traffic ! in 2009 Debbie purchased a hot press and started to 'Bling' shirts out of her home, This soon became an inconvenience. Having been in Real Estate for over 12 years Debbie decided to look for a small place in Mesquite that might work . The rest is history. Jaime had no idea what she was getting herself into. She would stay at the store until midnight or later and help get things ready for our big day. Finally I realized that none of it would happen without her. My ' silent ' partner soon became my right hand an so our partnership was born. We can still be found at the store at midnight ...hanging new merchandise , changing things around and just improving things for your enjoyment. We invite you to enjoy this sight and to please leave comments on what you may like to see . In addition to the Boutique we both have full time jobs. Jaime , owns  a private school and Debbie has been in Real Estate for 15 years.  We have a manager in place at the store who also deserves recognition. We could not do this without her. Her name is Mary and she will have you feeling like a princess when you leave.


Shop and enjoy,

Debbie and Jaime

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